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You need to be a Member to see our films. However, anyone can become a Member!

By being a Full Member you will be supporting The Phoenix's ability to show quality world cinema for those in and around Southampton. You will be entitled to see all the films in the Season (October 2023 - May 2024) without any further payment. This means no queueing: you just show your Membership card as you walk in and take your favourite seat! You can also see any Union Films presentation - just show your membership card.

The cost is is just £90. And students can join for just £50 for the year. Please note that Phoenix membership also offers free entry to any Union Films showing — likewise, all Phoenix films are free to Union Films Premiere Pass holders. For details how to join please contact us via email

The Phoenix continues because it is supported by its 150 or so Members.

If you just want to see the occasional film then you can become an Associate Member. Associate Membership for the Season costs £3. In addition to this we will make a per-film charge of £6. So, your first visit will cost £9 and on subsequent visits, upon showing your Associate Membership card, you will get the discounted rate of £6. Students pay the same price as for an Union Films showing — currently £4 in advance or £5 on the day.

Please note that everyone wanting to see a film must be known to us. Though we welcome guests of other members, we cannot allow them to enter using their host's membership. Such 'guests' must become an Associate in their own right.

Associate Membership and tickets are available on film screening evenings at Union Films Box Office. Please ensure you leave enough time to get these before the start of the film at 8pm when the Box Office closes.

If you think you may see over 12 of the 26 films in our programme, as an Associate you will end up paying more than the cost of a Full Membership and suffering the inconvenience of having to pay for your ticket each time. We strongly recommend becoming a Full Member — it is a really good deal, even if you don't manage to come to all the films!

You may like to note our privacy statement below which explains how we use the data that you provide.

By being a Member you are supporting The Phoenix in meeting its charitable objectives. Membership payments are therefore not refundable.

Privacy Statement

We keep our record-keeping to a bare minimum!

An Associate Member's record of information is solely what was on the application form. Just the email address is used so we can keep you informed about this year's programme and any last minute changes to our programme (this is usually in the form of a MailChimp mailout - you can unsubscribe from these at any time). The form is finally used to mail out next year's leaflet.

For FULL MEMBERS we do keep a computer-based record containing your name, address, email and phone number as given on the last application form we received from you. The issued card number is kept on paper. Membership forms are securely disposed of after the season is complete. If you do not renew then we delete the computer record after three years.

We only use the data we have for Phoenix purposes. The emails are held by a reputable bulk mail service (currently MailChimp) and scrubbed and renewed every year. If you unsubscribe from our MailChimp mailouts, your details are immediately removed from that location. Our FaceBook page has no links whatsoever to your data. The data is kept Phoenix confidential.

Note that we are a membership organisation and we do need to know who our members are. If you exercise your right to have your data removed from our records then we will find it more difficult to deliver your membership benefits.

Please ask a Council member if you have any queries about this matter.

JAP 30 Sep 2023